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DkIT Welcomes St. Louis Secondary School

15 May 2018

DkIT welcomes St. Louis Secondary School as all operations are transferred to the campus location following the damage to the school in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The staff of DkIT and St. Louis have worked closely together to effectively transfer the school operations for the next few weeks to the DkIT Campus. Dr Michael Mulvey, President of DkIT commented that:

“We are delighted to welcome the staff and students of St. Louis Secondary School to our campus and to be in a position to provide a safe learning environment for all of St. Louis activities. We are working closely together to ensure that student learning is uninterrupted.”

Michelle Dolan, Acting Principal stated that:

“The facilities provided by DkIT allow us to continue to provide all of our normal activities. It is envisaged that the Junior and Leaving Certificate students will locate to the DkIT campus and run as normal on Tuesday 15th May with all other classes resuming on Wednesday 16th May. Following intense planning on all sides, the Institute campus is fully prepared and ready”.

Michelle Dolan, Acting Principal further stated that:

“The entire school will relocate for the next few weeks to DkIT and for the duration of the State Exams. Providing excellent teaching and learning to our students is our priority as well as providing a safe and calm learning environment for all, including exam candidates while they continue to prepare for state exams. We have had reassurance from the State Exams Commission that they have a procedure in place to deal fairly with the exam candidates who have lost project work in the recent fire and will work closely with the school this week”.

An Annual Awards night, planned for Thursday 17th, will go ahead in the school Gym as this area is safe. The transport section of the Department of Education and Skills has engaged with the school authorities and support is being provided from Bus Eireann who will carry any student who needs transportation to the DkIT campus from St. Louis School Fatima gate. Discussions are ongoing with the Department of Education and Skills to begin planning to repair the school and replace lost rooms and we look forward to returning to our home base in St. Louis by August”.

Michelle Dolan, Acting Principal commented that:

“It has been a challenging time but we have had amazing support from the Board of Management, our founders the Sisters of St. Louis, Department of Education Building & Transport sections, State Exams Commission, Le Chéile, JMB, Allianz and local friends, students, parents and colleagues in other schools/colleges, from all sectors, who have rallied to offer help and support. The school's motto is Ut Sint Unum or We are one and we have certainly felt the amazing power of teamwork and mutual support. Our special thanks is extended to Dr. Michael Mulvey and his team at DkIT for hosting all of our school activities on their campus. The staff of DkIT have been very welcoming and provided every resource to ensure our students can safely continue their education over these crucial weeks”.

The Board of Management of St. Louis School has expressed their gratitude to Dr. Mulvey and all the staff of DkIT for their warm welcome and generosity.

For further enquiries, please contact:

Michelle Dolan, Acting Principal, M. +353 085 1578870