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DkIT Researchers win esteemed EU award in Cannes for their study in ageing well and the silver economy

22 September 2022

Dundalk Institute of Technology are thrilled to announce that recently at a ceremony in the “Palais des Festivals et des Congrès” Cannes, France, DkIT researchers from NetwellCASALA Research Centre received the prestigious ‘Silver Eco and Ageing Well International Award’ in recognition of the ground-breaking ‘SEURO European H2020 project’ which is key research in advancing innovation in the field of ageing well and the silver economy. Special mention was also given to their research collaboration with industry partner IBM Research Europe across both the ProACT and SEURO projects to advance the field of artificial intelligence and healthcare.

The ‘SEURO’ (Scaling EUROpean citizen driven transferable and transformative digital health –  project which began in May 2021 and received €4 million under the European Commission’s H2020 programme was devised to support the development and evaluation of 3 new digital self-assessment tools. These tools invention is to prepare any EU region to successfully implement and scale innovative, person-centred digital integrated health and social care solutions for multiple disease management. The support tools consist of a transferability self-assessment tool (ProTransfer) to assess an organisation’s preparedness for digital solution transfer; a behavioural change framework (ProBCF) to optimise a digital solution to people’s needs; and an artificial intelligence (AI) prediction model (ProInsight) to assess the impact of a digital solution on health system performance. The ProACT platform which was developed by NetwellCASALA under a previous H2020 award (of €4.87m ( has been further developed under SEURO and will be evaluated, from this October, in large scale trials in Ireland, Belgium and Sweden. ProACT is a digitally integrated care platform capable of supporting multiple disease management on a single user application. 

This award which is under the patronage of the French government ‘Ministry for Solidarity, Autonomy and Persons with Disabilities’ represents a significant endorsement for the work being conducted by NetwellCASALA and Dundalk Institute of Technology, and their colleagues on the SEURO project, to advance the fields of digital health and ageing. The SEURO project will help provide key evidence to support EU healthcare services and organisations to adopt and scale digital health solutions in practice as well as proving the potential for the ProACT platform to support citizens living with multimorbidity to self-manage their health and well-being from home ensuring that individuals can age well in place.

NetwellCASALA are currently recruiting up to 300 older adults to take part in the SEURO trial. For those over age 65 years, living with two or more chronic health conditions (COPD, chronic asthma, heart failure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes) more information about how to participate in the SEURO trial can be accessed by contacting NetwellCASALA at 042 937 0296 or

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