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DkIT President Addresses Thomas D’Arcy McGee Summer School 2019

22 August 2019

DkIT President, Michael Mulvey, PhD delivered the welcome address at the 8th Annual Thomas D’Arcy McGee Summer School which took place in Carlingford Heritage Centre (CHC), 20th-21st August 2019.

Speaking to a packed room of attendees comprising of local regional representatives, regional industry, cultural specialists and the general public, he opened the proceedings by saying;


I wish to formally welcome everyone here this morning to the 8th Thomas D’Arcy McGee Summer School which in its brief history has proven to be an unrivalled platform that celebrates political and cultural reflection for people across the island of Ireland and beyond.”


He then proceeded to provide some context to this year’s summer school and discuss how;


This year’s programme is framed against the backdrop and context of BREXIT – a formidable political, economic and historic challenge. We have a terrific line up of speakers and sessions and all of this here in beautiful Carlingford Lough protected by the Mourne Mountains sweeping down to the sea to our North and on the shoulder of the Cooley Peninsula on the Southern shore. Thomas D’Arcy McGee was a son of this town, a man who was familiar with challenge and change in his own time and in his own beliefs but it was in Canada that he made his mark as did so many of his fellow countrymen who have emigrated from this part of Ireland to seek a new life in Canada and work side by side in harmony with other immigrants from Ireland.  Canada welcomed the Irish of all orientation and backgrounds.”


In his discussions around BREXIT, Mr Mulvey spoke about how the Institute is responding to this issue;


…at DkIT our response to BREXIT is to influence the things that are under our control: work with industry through upskilling and research and engagement.


As with many big societal challenges, the only effective response is a highly skilled highly educated population that provides enterprises in the region with that constant injection of new ideas, innovation and energy.”


Later in his speech, he spoke about why DkIT is actively involved in the planning and organization of the Summer School;


It’s about ideas, energy and in particular the insights that are provided by our speakers and audience participation – those insights provoke discussion and generate ideas and energy that help us and keep us motivated to find new and better ways to improve  society and particularly the communities in this very beautiful part of the world.


 Now more than ever we need to find unity in diversity – Thomas D’Arcy McGee’s ability to see unity in apparently diverse positions served Canada well – it served the architects of the Belfast Agreement well – and it may indeed serve as a useful metaphor to address the seemingly irreconcilable diversity of positions in what has increasingly become a zero such BREXIT narrative.  With these concluding words, I now officially declare the D’Arcy McGee Summer School open!”


These extracts are taken from a speech delivered by DkIT President, Michael Mulvey PhD on Tuesday 20th August 2019. For further information regarding this speech, please contact

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