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DkIT Launch LinkedIn Professional Development for Students and Staff

27 October 2023

Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) are proud to report that they are about to embark on a groundbreaking initiative for the Institute which will elevate professional development and student employment via LinkedIn learning. This venture is being spearheaded by the N-TUTORR at DkIT project in the Institute.

The N-TUTORR project which is actively progressing across the Irish Technological Higher Education sector, is supporting DkIT in embarking on a key alliance with LinkedIn Learning, providing the Institute’s students and staff with access to a wealth of over 16,000 digital courses crafted by global experts. This innovative collaboration aspires to build on, and further support learning and professional development, as well as enrich student employability and life-wide learning across the Institutes’ vibrant campus community. 

Dr. Ronan Bree, DkIT’s Institutional Lead for the N-TUTORR project highlights how

"Recent responses from DkIT staff to an N-TUTORR training needs analysis survey indicated a keen motivation to engage with a multitude of training areas, and we view Linkedin Learning as a means to support our staff in meeting some of those needs. It represents a gateway to focus training on the key strategic themes of both N-TUTORR and DkIT, bringing our campus together on a collective journey of skill and knowledge enhancement”.

He added

“Its potential to blend academic learning with professional development ensures that we are continuing to nurture a community where every individual can feel empowered, relevant, and future-ready. Complementing staff access, we are also delighted to have this facility and access for all currently enrolled DkIT students - an aspect we are particularly excited about in relation to enhancing their transversal skill development, employability and student success”.

LinkedIn Learning's immersive platform does not only impart skills but also offers an insight-driven approach towards career development. The diverse learning paths available ensure that the DkIT community is continually aligning their learning and development with real-world applications as well as higher education and industry demands, positioning themselves as leaders and innovators in their fields. As members complete Linkedin Learning courses online they have the ability to  gain and share certifications, strengthening their professional development.  

DkIT are extremely fortunate to have a very progressive Careers and Employability Department, who have established a rich suite of employability resources, and who recently developed an award winning ‘employability toolkit’. This partnership with Linkedin Learning will build on the employability culture Catherine Staunton, Head of Careers and Employability and her team have established across the Institute. 

From a student perspective Celine Jia Xin Law, a third year DkIT science student, and one of the 100 national N-TUTORR Student Champions, is focusing her project associated work on employability, she said,

“Access to LinkedIn Learning and the courses available will offer many exciting opportunities for students to add to their skillsets and employability, both within and beyond their courses. Acquiring these new skills will be invaluable, as they will help students on their lifelong journey and future careers. Personally, I look forward to engaging with the platform to do just that”. 

Ciara O’Shea, DkIT’s N-TUTORR Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator, is dedicated to shaping a comprehensive LinkedIn Learning implementation across the campus, recently shared her excitement about this initiative, she said,

"I'm thrilled at the prospect of embedding this support into the Institute’s learning and work environment, developing an avenue where our staff and students evolve, innovate, and lead in their respective areas. In the coming weeks, we will be issuing all DkIT staff and students with their Linkedin Learning access details, and the DkIT N-TUTORR team look forward to establishing a local community of practice so everyone can support each other on this very exciting journey". 

All DkIT staff and students will be contacted with log in details in the near future.

The N-TUTORR project is funded by the European Union and NextGenerationEU. You can learn more about N-TUTORR on the national project site:

Learn More about N-TUTORR

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