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DkIT Helping to Build Educational Bridges

13 December 2022

Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) were delighted to recently host an event supporting the BRIDGES Project which is an Erasmus Plus EU initiative. This event was organised by Dr Colletta Dalikeni, Lecturer in Social Care, School of Business and Humanities in DkIT. The BRIDGES Project includes DkIT, Salpaus, OCN, Southern Regional College and Decroly Santander.

BRIDGES (Building Resources In Digitalisation to Gain Employment Skills) Project addresses how Society is increasingly becoming digitalised and interconnected and how the pervasiveness of digital realm is affecting the way in which people access services, how they live, work, use their voices and how they contribute to society. The project has identified a need to develop a better digital education which is key for individuals to participate in society and a support for them to prosper in the Labour market which has become increasingly digitalised. People need sound digital skills, job specific skills and the motivation to cope with change and to engage in continuous learning.

This project will provide resources for disadvantaged older learners including those from migrant, asylum seeker and refugee communities to enable them to become more connected and less isolated. A key strategy is to meet the adult education priorities as set by the European Commission and the projects intention is to improve the digital competencies of marginalised older learners, support the recognition of flexible modes of learning including digital, employability, language and citizenship through an online platform. This venture will develop an effective outreach, guidance and motivation strategy which encourages low-skilled or low-qualified older learners to develop and upgrade their essentials skills and other key competences (language learning & digital skills) and/or progress towards further and higher qualifications and or employment. The aim of this initiative is to work collaboratively with a wide range of transnational partner organisations who have expertise in developing and delivering resources to support older learners.

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