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DkIT Articulates Vision To Join a Multi-Campus Regional Technological University By 2023

23 April 2021

A new vision statement published today by Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) outlines the Institute’s clear ambition and strategic intent to achieve Technological University (TU) status by 2023, which will involve a Joint Application with a TU under Section 38 of the Technological Universities Act 2018.

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The statement was shared with all staff at a consultative briefing today and has been ratified by the DkIT Governing Body. It promotes a unified agreed approach in delivering on the strategic goal and its unequivocal commitment to achieving TU designation by becoming a campus of a multi-campus Regional TU.

The statement provides an overarching vision for all stakeholders as the institute embarks on this new evolutionary period. It identifies the benefits of becoming part of a TU, demonstrating a commitment to becoming part of a single cohesive, integrated and unitary multi-campus TU. It also outlines DkIT’s strong position in respect of TU metrics performance, financial sustainability and as a driver for regional economic growth, making it an attractive partner.

Speaking today, DkIT President, Michael Mulvey, PhD, said,

“As an institute we have a clear vision to become part of a Technological University within the lifetime of the Strategic Plan 2020-2022. Over recent years, we have consistently espoused the belief that our region would gain significantly from being a TU campus from an economic, social and cultural perspective. Our vision statement released today helps articulate what a campus of a multi-campus regional TU will look like for DKIT and it outlines some of the key shared values and attributes we will seek in a  partnering with a TU.

We welcome the continued support from the HEA and the Governing Body and we look forward to continuing our engagement with potential partners in the sector to realise our ambition to become a campus of a multi-campus regional TU, serving North Leinster South Ulster.”

Mr Paddy Malone, Chair of the DkIT Governing Body added,

“We welcome the publication of the institute’s vision, noting that the GB played an integral part in its development, which is a critical step in ensuring that its ambition to become a  campus of a multi-campus regional Technological University here in Dundalk soon becomes a reality. As a Governing Body, we are committed to fully supporting the institute to achieve its ambition of technological university status – something which we recognise is of fundamental importance to DkIT leveraging the M1 Corridor, Cavan and Monaghan and ensuring it reaches its potential for the benefit of students, staff and the wider community.”

At the briefing with staff, the institute reflected on the significant progress that has occurred to date in relation to achieving TU designation. The institute has already attained two of the three requisite quantitative metrics to meet eligibility requirements to become part of a TU, which is a highly positive attribute that it can offer potential TU partners. These metrics include:

  • 30% of all DkIT students now participate in work placement as part of their academic careers (achieved in 2020/21)
  • 90.7% of core academic staff have a Masters Qualification and 46.75% have a PhD or Professional Qualification (achieved in 2020/21)
  • 4% of students enrolled in Masters and PhD research programmes (expected to be reached in academic year 2021/2022)

In 2020, the HEA agreed to support a progression pathway to facilitate DkIT’s TU ambitions. This included the appointment of Dr Ruaidhri Neavyn as an advisor to the Governing Body, President and Management of the Institute. In addition, DkIT has been successful in accessing Technological University Transformation Funding (TUTF) and it has established a new TUTF Steering Committee comprised of staff, students and wider stakeholders which has helped accelerate plans, as well as establishing a Governing Body Technological University Oversight Committee.

Speaking today, Dr Ruaidhri Neavyn, HEA Advisor added,

“The HEA recognises the important contribution DkIT has made to the development of its region. We are committed to doing as much as possible within existing legislative and funding frameworks to support the institute’s TU ambitions. The institute has set out a realistic plan and we are supportive of its vision and ambition to be a campus of a dynamic multi-campus regional TU.”

A copy of DkIT’s recently published vision statement, Our Vision as a Campus of a Multi-Campus Regional Technological University” is available to view here.

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