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DkIT Academic Co-edits Prestigious International Science Book

08 January 2024

Dundalk Institute of Technology are incredibly proud to report that Dr Sinéad Loughran from the Institute’s Department of Life & Health Sciences co-edited a book on Protein Chromatography which is part of the prestigious Methods in Molecular Biology Series recently published by Springer Science. Dr Loughran co-edited this with Dr John Milne at the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training, which is a global centre of excellence for training and research in bioprocessing, this institute was established to support the rapidly growing biopharmaceutical industry.


This book was an international project with contributors from a diverse range of nations, including Ireland, the United States, Canada, Portugal, Switzerland, and China, among others. Dr. Sinéad Loughran authored 4 of the chapters while other authors within Ireland who are affiliated with a variety of higher education institutions, include another DkIT academic, Dr Ronan Bree, Trinity College Dublin, Atlantic Technological University, Dublin City University and Technological University Dublin which showcases a diverse range of academic institutions nationally.


The first edition (2011) of this book ranked in the top 20% of all Springer Science volumes with over 476,000 article downloads while the second edition published in 2017, has to date 207,000 downloads. This third edition incorporates the latest advancements and techniques in protein chromatography, making it an indispensable resource in protein research. The chapters cover various aspects of protein purification, including a range of techniques and approaches in protein extraction and purification as well as downstream processing issues, protein stability and quantitation, and the application of these techniques in areas such as clinical proteomics, gene therapy and immunoprecipitation.

The editors have assembled contributions from experienced scientists who have hands-on expertise in the field of protein chromatography with particular emphasis on the production of clearly presented step-by-step methodologies, tips and associated explanatory notes, as well as providing an overview of emerging areas in the field.

Dr Loughran said,

I am absolutely delighted to see the publication of the third edition of 'Protein Chromatography.' This work features several exciting new chapters at the forefront of the field and builds upon the success of previous editions. The book represents a culmination of international collaboration and expertise, and it was an excellent experience collaborating with Dr. John Milne from NIBRT as co-editor. The potential impact on advancing protein research and contributing to transformative discoveries is immense."

Protein chromatography stands as an indispensable pillar of modern scientific research, playing a pivotal role in diverse fields such as biotechnology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and biochemistry. At its core, this technique enables scientists to separate, purify, and analyse proteins with precision—a fundamental task in understanding the intricate mechanisms of life. Proteins, often called the "molecular workhorses" of biology, are the building blocks of cells and orchestrators of vital biological processes. In the pursuit of innovative medicines, the development of cutting-edge therapies, and the unravelling of complex diseases, protein chromatography equips researchers with the tools needed to isolate and study these essential molecules, bringing us closer to transformative discoveries in the world of science.

Link to Book

Protein Chromatography: Methods & Protocols. 3rd Ed. Publisher: Springer US. 2023.

Eds. Sinead T. Loughran and John J. Milne

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