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Community Youth Work Event: A Morning with Dean Scurry

03 March 2017

Community Youth Work and Digital Humanities Programmes is delighted to invite staff and students to a morning with renowned community youthworker, Dean Scurry. The event takes place on Monday 6th March in the Whitaker Theatre from 11AM.

Dean Scurry is a community youthworker and arts workshop facilitator. He has managed and currently manages Lethal Dialect. As a stand-up comedian, he has had two successful shows in the Edinburgh Fringe festival and is a founding member of The House of Fun comedy. Dean co-produced and co-presented 'Dole TV' and presented ‘Journey of a Joke’ on DCTV. He co-developed the hip-hop and Sean Nos collaboration 'HipNós' with Ray Yeates and Axis. Hip-Nós have had performances in Dublin, New York and Cape Town. He has worked as production co-ordinator on the award winning documentary 'Broken Song' as well as producing and directing many music videos. Dean has BSc in Computer Science. Dean developed and worked with Axis on a number of exciting arts projects including Invent, Playground and Creative Space.

Dean is also a key member of the #HomeSweetHome movement.

For more information on the BA in Community Youth Work at DkIT, please click here.