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Another Page Turner from Business Student Geordan

22 June 2023

Geordan Richardson, a 2nd year student from the Bachelor of Business (Hons) has recently published another book called “How to Improve Your Social Media Habits” which is aimed at Generation Z (Gen Z, are people born mid-to-late 1990 to the 2010s). This book addresses how Gen Z or ‘zoomers’ have an overreliance on the virtual world and their existence in it. It has become apparent that one of the negatives of this virtual existence is you can’t delete all of what you post on all platforms once it’s posted, so this book by Geordan is all about how to learn to use social media properly and to your advantage.


Geordan who has already published 6 books feels he has learnt a lot in the last 24 months whilst studying for his degree, publishing his books, and working a 16-hour part-time job in Centra in Blackrock, he said

“I’ve had to become a master of my own time management over the last 2 years. With my degree, you are in control of your own time between work, personal life and learning, and you need to be on top of it as you don’t have the same structure as secondary school. In terms of my course content, I’ve really found the knowledge gained on the Applied Market Research module has been extremely beneficial as it has helped me properly research topics before I launch into writing a book”.

Geordan also added that his degree in business has helped him in a myriad of ways on his publishing journey as it covers everything business related and gave him a good broad basis of knowledge from marketing, sales and entrepreneurship.

Geordan whilst he has learnt a lot on his burgeoning publishing journey, recognises he still has a lot to learn about the industry. He hopes to keep publishing whilst finishing his degree and his intention is to focus on higher content books in different niches as there is a potential for more sales than the light-content books he started with. Geordan said

“I have now written 6 books, and fiction is my favourite genre. I’m learning to adapt my writing depending on the type of book and the audience. I’m also acquiring the skills to become more conversational if the book requires. I want my books to be readable for Gen Z and bring my own personal experience to my writing”.

Geordan is also investigating other supports in DkIT for his publishing business, he said,

“I want to explore the help that the Regional Development Centre in DkIT could give me as a fledgling business, as I know there are avenues of support available to small businesses and startups like me”.

Geordan is already looking forward to the future and hopes to work in Marketing and Sales after graduating while keeping his publishing business going on a part-time basis.

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