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A Wonderful Opportunity to Support a Beautiful Film about Mental Health

20 February 2023

Would you like the opportunity to be part of helping a beautiful film addressing mental health be created? Then here is your chance as six extremely talented students from Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) are seeking funding for the production of a film and are encouraging anyone who can help to make a donation, no matter how small to help out. All donors will be acknowledged with a thank you credit at the end of the film. This funding will help pay for locations, costumes, props and catering.

This group of six DkIT film students are set to bring the issue of mental health, particularly in the elderly, to the fore through their upcoming short film project, "One Moment." The film will centre around the story of Owen, a man who discovers that a wardrobe in his home leads to a happy memory of his late wife and daughter. However, Owen struggles with the line between reality and the memory as he revisits it repeatedly.

This emotive and thought-provoking film will be directed by Cillian McGahon, with Grame Burns serving as the producer, Rafaella Crepaldi as the director of photography, Jordan Nnaji as the sound operator, Jonah Cawthorne as the production designer, and Danielle Halligan as the editor. The film will be a powerful depiction of dementia in the elderly population and the impact it has on their loved ones. It will explore this issue with sensitivity, warmth, and a little bit of magic.

"One Moment," is set to star Gerry Grimes, a renowned character actor who recently won the Best Actor award at the Louth International Film Festival for his outstanding performance in "Confessional." Grimes is known for his ability to bring depth and nuance to his roles, and his involvement in this film is sure to bring a new level of impact and resonance to the story. The film is set to raise awareness and start a conversation about the issue and the team is seeking support from the public to bring their vision to life with Grimes on board.

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