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2021 DkIT Elevate Awards

20 July 2021

These awards recognise and celebrate active student engagement and encourage more students to get involved in more ways to the benefit of all. They also support students to develop and evidence their employability; something DkIT has a strong track record in promoting.

The Elevate awards are made to students who have contributed significantly to the DkIT community and who have evidenced some of the skills developed in the course of this. The awardees have engaged as Sports & Societies committee members, student ambassadors, class representatives, as part of STEM outreach activities including H2O Heroes, Cell Explorers and Coder-Dojo.

These awards are part of the DkIT Elevate Framework for Student Engagement. The framework was co-developed by students and as part of the ‘Partners in Employability’ project, funded by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, and the inaugural awards were made last year.

Congratulations and sincere thanks to our 2021 awardees: Hannah Casey, Fang Yi Chuah, Victory Emmanuel, James Farrell, Amrita Giri, Fayaz Khalid, Zhe Lim, Jing Sheng Moey, Cathleen Nairn, Abhijeet Prasad, Lauren Reilly, Catherine Smyth, Mahaveer Singh Sankar Singh,  Yue Zho Tong, Karl Tracey, Aurelija Senkute, Kevin Weldon.

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