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1 card, 6 Libraries

De Chastelain Library and Louth County Libraries have made a unique agreement to provide reciprocal borrowing and access to their libraries for members.

DkIT students & staff using Louth County Library
Through the 1 Card 6 Libraries service, DkIT students and staff can become members of Louth County Libraries. In order to join and borrow from the Louth County Libraries you must have a valid DkIT staff/student card.

Members of Louth County Library using DkIT Library
Current members of Louth County Libraries aged 18 years or older can join DkIT Library by completing a DkIT Library membership application form. When visiting DkIT Library, you must have your County Library card. Membership entitles you to borrow from DkIT Library.

Data protection
To verify that you are a member of Louth County Library DkIT Library will ring Louth County Library, in line with data protection guidelines.
Louth County Libraries are now part of a nationwide library system so your data will be shared with all participating libraries.

Click here to view DkIT's Data Protection statement.
Click here to view Louth County Libraries' Data Protection statement.

Useful links
Information on Louth County Libraries is available here. Search Louth County Libraries catalogue here.
Click here to apply for DkIT Library membership if you're currently a member of Louth County Libraries.