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CREDIT Technology Gateway

CREDIT Technology Gateway is the new kid on the block when it comes to Technology Gateways. As one of 16 national Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateways, CREDIT provides technological expertise in the field of renewables and energy optimisation to generate solutions for the close to market needs of Irish industry and business sector.

CREDIT Technology Gateway is fast becoming a vital part of Ireland’s energy and renewables research and innovation landscape actively supporting business and industry to become more competitive facilitated through problem solving, targeted R&D, innovation and enabling faster adoption of emerging technologies and processes to create new markets.

DkIT has a long history of working directly with industry to provide solutions that solve real world problems, boost productivity, develop the workforce and provide a catalyst for technological change. The CREDIT Centre itself has a number of focused domains of research themes that are strategically aligned across the needs of the emerging energy and renewables sector both regionally and across the island and include renewables, wind energy, ocean & marine energy, bioenergy, and energy optimisation. The CREDIT Gateway is dedicated to supporting Irish business and industry sector to accelerate innovation by facilitating funding programmes that can help test new ideas, share know-how and support entry onto new markets.