Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are nominated each year by their Head of Department and First Year Convenors for the programme they are studying.

First Year Convenors are lecturers who work closely with incoming first year students, and each year choose their Student Ambassadors because they are highly active, current students (academically and socially) who are passionate, enthusiastic and spirited about sharing their experiences with new and prospective students.

Current Student Ambassadors

Our Student Ambassadors play an integral role in easing you into student life at DkIT. Below is a list of all this years student ambassadors from each school. Find out why they chose to study with us and what they plan to do when they have qualified. 

Student Ambassador Role during the Induction Programme

Each year Dundalk Institute of Technology welcome over 1500 new undergraduate students. To help our new entrants adjust well to their new surroundings, a comprehensive Induction Programme is planned each September. Our student ambassadors meet with new students to ensure they are made to feel at home during this transition to college life.

The Induction programme allows new students to:

  • Find out about the DkIT campus and its geographical layout
  • Attend information sessions on their programme of study
  • Learn about all the various support services that are in place for students
  • Meet with the key staff members who will help and guide them through their time DkIT
  • Make friends with other new students

Benefits of Becoming a Student Ambassador

Some of the benefits of becoming a student ambassador include;

  • Personal growth (in leadership, interpersonal & communication skills, problem solving abilities);
  • Increased self-esteem and goal achievement;
  • Opportunities to meet incoming students and help them in transition to their college life;
  • Opportunities to make a positive impact in prospective students’ lives;
  • A stronger sense of belonging and loyalty to DkIT and your own programme.

More Information about the role of our Student Ambassadors


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