DkIT Library participates in preserving community heritage.

During Heritage Week every year the Library organizes an event to celebrate the heritage of DkIT and the local area. In previous years we have offered tours of the art in the Library and hosted a round table discussion on the theme of industry in Dundalk and its ties to the college. For more information and related websites see:

Heritage Week 2015 Round Table Discussion
DkIT Industrial Heritage Photo Gallery on Flickr
DkIT Heritage Week 2015 on Facebook
DkIT Art Gallery

DkIT Library also hosts the DkIT Archive of documents relating to the Institute’s development, and we have created the DkIT Institutional Repository, STÓR, to archive the Institute’s research, and make it freely available to the public.

The Round Table Discussion of 2015 was an institute-wide collaboration. Speakers hailed from the wider college and community, and Jason McGee of the Regional Development Centre chaired the discussion. Jason has also created an interview archive, Gathering Heritage, of local people speaking about their memories of Dundalk. Other local sites which may be of interest include:

Dundalk in Old Photographs
Dundalk Railway Heritage Society
Macardle Moore & Co., Dundalk

DkIT Library would like to create an audio archive of speakers talking of their experience in local industry or in DkIT. We are seeking collaboration on this project and invite the participation of anyone who can offer assistance or technical expertise, or who has a story to share.

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