Creative Arts Research Centre

Creative Arts Research Centre

The Creative Arts Research Centre brings together researchers from music and media and aims to form synergies between the arts and humanities and innovative technologies without undermining the integrity of core disciplines. There is a close connection between the research of the centre and learning and teaching in the School of Informatics and Creative Arts and research outputs also reflect the diversity of dissemination achieved by researchers, which is replicated in the activities of students.

The Creative Arts Research Centre at Dundalk Institute of Technology supports researchers across five thematic strands:

  • Creative Arts Practice
  • Media, Culture, Community and Society
  • Creative Industries and Future Technologies
  • Musicology and Ethnomusicology
  • Creative and Aesthetic Pedagogies

These thematic strands reflect both the excellence in research achieved by researchers in the centre and pathways into which the researchers are moving in response to the demands of industry and society.

The Creative Arts Research Centre at DkIT was established in December 2016. The research output from the centre enhances the Institute’s cultural remit to the North East region and its communities and will build upon recent work in the area of interdisciplinary research, recognising that research is increasingly expected to be accountable to society and many projects aim to benefit our society and local communities. Many projects in the centre across the arts and humanities involve external collaborations with regional industry, community groups and other Higher Education institutions in Ireland and internationally. The centre is also committed to attracting more funding and researchers to DkIT in the future and making the research outputs accessible to the local community in the first instance.

We welcome enquiries from researchers and applications regarding postgraduate and postdoctoral positions in Creative Arts research. Please feel free to contact us at


Reworking Folklore for Sound, Stage and Screen Symposium 2022

In 2022, Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) Creative Arts Research Centre (CARC) held an extremely successful and fantastically attended interdisciplinary symposium entitled ‘Reworking Folklore for Sound, Stage and Screen’ on campus. The symposium consisted of scholars from DkIT, University of Limerick, University of Ulster, and Queens University Belfast.

Download Symposium Programme   |   Read about the event

Theme 6: STEAM

Theme 6: STEAM

STEAM explores creative approaches to engaging students in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.