Resources and Facilities

DkIT provides a state-of-the-art teaching, learning and research environment.

Music Facilities

In 2010 the Section of Music moved into the newly refurbished Carroll Building on the DkIT Campus. This €38 million state-of-the-art music and multimedia creative centre includes dedicated facilities for students in the section. Students in the section now avail of new, purpose-built performance spaces and practice rooms and fully equipped labs and recording studios. The building also houses a recital room, dance movement room, radio studio, a TV studio, a screening room, an Avid teaching lab and numerous editing and animation suites. Also in the building, students have access to new Mac Pro and iMac labs with a wide range of professional multimedia, audio and editing software. Students have convenient access within the building to all cameras, scanners, and portable recording equipment they require and a range of musical instruments including harpsichord, concert harp, traditional harp, viols and classical guitars.

The department comprises fully equipped lecture theatres, networked computer music labs, a recording studio, a Sonic Arts Performance Space and an Interactive Systems room. As well as having a range of electronic and acoustic pianos the department also has an extensive range of instruments available to students throughout their degree including double-basses, cellos, violins, marimba, timpani, drum kits, etc.

The state of the arts studio facilities at the section of music in DKIT are of industry standard. The three studios and live studio are equipped with Pro-Tools HD Systems, Audient ASP 8024 High-resolution Analogue Mixing Consoles, outboard EQ Compressors and a vast microphone collection including Neumann and AKG models.

Listed below are some of the hardware and software tool used for teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Hardware and software tools for teaching, learning, and research include the following:

  • sound synthesis and signal processing
    (Csound and utilities, Reaktor, SuperCollider, Max/MSP, Pluggo, PD);
  • sound editing and manipulation
    (Wavelab/Soundforge, Sound Hack, Audiosculpt, CDP, Cubase);
  • programming, development
    (C, C++, PHP, Python, Java);
  • multi-track recording and production
    (Pro Tools, Audition, and low-latency audio interfaces);
  • algorithmic composition
    (Tabula Vigilans, Koan Pro, Bol Processor);
  • MIDI & audio sequencing
    (Cubase / Sonar and 5-octave keyboard controllers, MIDI Foot-pedals, MIDI fader banks);
  • technology in music education
    (Sibelius educational suite, Earope, TimeSketch Editor, CALMA)
  • gesture-tracking devices
    (Sound Beam, Eowave Eobody, MIDI Creator & Gesture).

Creative Media Facilities

The Section of Creative Media is based in the newly renovated PJ Carrolls building and the facilities include a full HD TV Studio, a screening room, multiple edit suites, a video editing lab, multimedia labs, a radio studio, a dark room, an art studio & equipment borrowing office with two AV Technicians.

Students are trained on key software packages used in the Creative Media Industries.  DKIT boasts an Adobe Site License and therefore, students have access to the majority of Adobe Multimedia Products, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc.  Students also learn how to use programs such as Final Cut Pro, Pro-Tools, Avid Media Composer, After Effects, Movie Magic Budgeting & Scheduling, Final Draft, amongst many more. In addition, DKIT is an Avid Educational partner & students can choose to also sit the Avid & Pro-Tools User Certification Exams while undertaking their programme.

Facilities include:

  • HD multi-cam TV studio with green screen, lighting rig, camera control, graphics generation, vision/audio mixing & full Avid ISIS network access;
  • Darkroom;
  • Small TV studio with multi chroma key backdrops;
  • Radio Studio with recording booth;
  • HD Screening room with Dolby Surround Sound;
  • MacPro Video Editing lab with Avid, FCP, After Effects, Motion, etc;
  • 3 X iMac multimedia labs with Adobe Suite, Final Draft, etc;
  • 4 X edit suites with Avid, FCP, After Effects, Motion, etc;
  • 1 DVD duplication lab;
  • 1 Pro-Tools HD lab with recording booth;

Music Production labs and studios, along with facilities for 3D are also found within the PJ Carrolls building and cross-collaboration with students from other courses and departments is encouraged.



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