DkIT Maths Entry Examination

If you failed the Maths Entry Requirements for the  BEng (Hons) in Engineering (Common Entry) or the BSc (Hons) in Computing in Games Development, we may be able to help. We are running an additional Maths Entry Examination to allow applicants to have a second chance at passing the Maths Entry Requirements.

Please see more information in the Maths Entry Requirements document and a sample paper for you to see what the exam will look like.

When will the exam be held?

The Maths Entry Examination itself will be held on Wednesday 22nd August 2018 2.15pm to 4.15pm in M111/M113 in the Muirhevna Building. For entry in September 2018 this is the only date at which the additional Maths Entry Examination is offered in DkIT.

Preparation for the exam

In preparation for the Maths Entry Examination, you have the option to partake in a Two-Day Refresher and Training Course which will be held on Monday 20th August and Tuesday 21st August from 10am to 4pm in P1053 in the PJ Carrolls building on the DkIT Campus.

How do I register to sit the exam?

Registration for the Maths Entry Examination and the Training Course takes place on Monday 20th August before the Training Course from 9am to 10am in the entrance area of the PJ Carrolls Building.

You have to be registered to sit the Entry Examination. Entrance to the Exam Hall is only for registered applicants with Photo-Id. The data required for the Registration is your CAO Number, the course applied for in DkIT, a Photo-Id and an emergency contact number.

PLEASE NOTE: This entry exam is only open to applicants to BEng (Hons) in Engineering (Common Entry) or the BSc (Hons) in Computing in Games Development.

How much does the exam cost?

The fee for the Maths Entry Exam is €30 which must be paid at registration. The Two-Day Refresher and Training Course is included in this price. Payment is due at registration. This time it is cash only please.

Results of the exam

The final results from the Maths Entry Examination will be taken into account for second and third round offers. Results will be available from Tuesday 27th August.

Enquiries about this exam:

The entrance exam is being organised by the Department of Computing Science and Mathematics at DkIT. For all enquries relating to the exam. Please contact Fiona Lawless (E.; T. +353(0)429370200)

Additional Supports 

If you have a learning difficulty, disability or medical condition and need any reasonable accommodations for the exam such as separate room, extra time, reader and/or scribe, etc., you may request exam supports once the Leaving Certificate results are issued.

Please contact the Disability Office, email: before 4pm on Friday 17th August 2018, and include your CAO number in this correspondence. Please note any request will need to be backed up by documentation.

  • Fiona Lawless
  • Department of Computing Science and Mathematics
  • Ciara O'Shea
  • Disability Office
  • Disability and Student Quality Officer