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Child Protection Policies and Guidelines

Whilst DkIT owes a duty of care to all its students, it also has a particular responsibility to ensure as far as practicable, that each child availing of the service is safe from harm while availing of that service’. (Children First Act 2015). We value and encourage the participation of students in any activity that enhances their educational, physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. We are committed to safeguarding the dignity and rights of all members of its community.  We do all in our power to create a safe environment.

The Institute acknowledges that this responsibility applies whether the child is a student of the Institute or is otherwise under the care or supervision of Institute staff or students. The Institute will uphold the key principle that the welfare of the child is paramount and that children are protected, treated with respect, listened to and have their views taken into consideration. 

DkIT Child Protection Structures

Child Protection Policy: School Contact Persons


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