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How to Make an FOI Request

How to make an FOI request to DkIT.

An FOI request can be made in two way:

  • Write a letter addressed to the FOI Officer, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Dublin Road, Dundalk 
  • Email your request to

The requester must specify that they are requesting the information under the FOI Act. This is necessary to obtain the rights conferred under the FOI Act. The application must be clear enough so that the Institute understands what records are being requested. Where the Institute is not clear what records are being requested, assistance must be given to enable the requester to put the request in such a way that the records sought can be identified. The Institute must explain records held to assist the requester to clarify requests.

Fees & Charges

Fees and charges associated with FOI non-personal requests are as follows under the revised 2014 Act:

Type of Request of Application        Fee
 First Instance application fees    Removed
 Internal Review Fee    €30/€10
 OIC Review Fee    €50/€15

Search and retrieval charges are set at €20.00 per hour with copying charges at €0.04 per sheet. (No charges to be applied for the first five hours of search and retrieval). Where possible records will be emailed to requester which does not incur a charge. 

Response Time

Under the Act, the Institute is obliged to:

  • Acknowledge receipt of the request within two weeks;
  • Make a decision on the request within 20 working days (or eight weeks in certain limited circumstances).

If a response is not issued within the specified time limit the request is deemed to have been refused and the requester can proceed to the review stage. 

Appealing a Refused Request

If you're request has been refused it may be appealed to an Internal Reviewer within four weeks of being notified of the initial decision. The review will be carried out by an official, senior to the person who made the original decision. The review must be completed within three weeks. Requests for review must be submitted to the FOI Officer.

If the applicant is unhappy with the review, they have the right to appeal the decision to the Information Commissioner.

Appeals, in writing, may be made to the Appeals Commissioner at the following address:
Office of the Information Commissioner,
18, Lower Leeson St.,
Dublin 2

Other Ways to Access Information

Please note that a large amount of information about DkIT and its functions is publicly available without the need to make a Freedom of Information request. Those seeking information should, in the first instance, consult DkIT’s FOI Publication Scheme, Prospectuses other publications. You may also make direct contact with staff in relevant departments - contact details can be found on the Institute’s website.

Assistance with Your Application

If you require further advice on your request, the Freedom of Information Officer will be happy to help you on or Tel 042 93 70222.

Important Links

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