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Governing Body

Information on Governing Body at Dundalk Institute of Technology including members, reports and notes.

The current governing body was appointed as per the Regional Technical Colleges Act 1992, Section 6(1): ‘There shall be a governing body of the college and the governing body, save as otherwise stated by this Act, shall perform the functions conferred on the college by this Act.’

The responsibilities of the Governing Body include:

  • Manage and control affairs of the college
  • Approve courses of study as it considers appropriate
  • Approve annual programmes and budgets
  • Determine numbers and terms and conditions of staff subject to the approval of the Minister

List of Current Members

View the list of current Governing Body members and their roles.

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Reports and Publications

View the latest DkIT Institute Reports and Publications.

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Governing Body Minutes

Read minutes from previous Governing Body Meeting Minutes.

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"Section 6 of the Regional Technical Colleges Act, 1992 provides for the Governing Body, which consists of the following members: a Chairman, the President, six persons nominated by the VECs, three staff, (two academic, one non-academic), two registered students, one nomination by the ICTU, and five persons considered (by the Academic Council) to be representatives of industry, agriculture, commerce, the professions and other interests as appropriate to the activities of the college."

Source: DkIT Self Study 2003