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DkIT Sanctuary Scheme

Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) aims to welcome people seeking asylum and refugees into the DkIT community and to foster a culture of inclusion for all.

The DkIT Sanctuary Scheme consists of two different aspects.

1. Fees Support for those eligible for the Student Support Scheme: 

DkIT will not charge these students tuition fees in excess of €3,000 (i.e. the total amount eligible students might expect to get from DFHERIS).

If students in this category repeat a year, DkIT will only charge the EU rate of fees (and not the international rate of fees for which the student would otherwise be liable). Such applicants should make themselves known to the Admissions Officer at at the earliest opportunity once an offer of a place at DkIT is accepted.

This support only applies to those studying undergraduate programmes.

2. Sanctuary Scholarships for those with Official Refugee Status who are ineligible for the “free fees” only by reason of not being in the country for the required period of time (three years):

DkIT offers two Sanctuary Scholarships for this category of applicant.

The applicant must have sat either the Leaving Certificate or a Level 5 or Level 6 FET course in the year of proposed entry to DkIT. Applicants must provide evidence of having been granted refugee status by the Irish State.

The Sanctuary Scholarships take the form of DkIT waiving all tuition fees and the student contribution charge, as well as providing €3,000 towards living expenses per annum, to a maximum of four years of undergraduate study on the same programme.

In the case where more than two such applicants apply for the Sanctuary Scholarship, selection will be made based on the applicants’ financial circumstances (verified household income) and if necessary, will also take into account the level of points achieved by the applicants in either in the Leaving Certificate or on an FET major award level 5 or level 6 course that same year.

The final decision on whether to award a Sanctuary Scholarship rests entirely with DkIT, likewise the decision on whether or not to continue this support to an individual. DkIT also reserves the right to decide what evidence may be required in an individual case to support an application under this Scheme.

Interested applicants should contact the Access Officer at no later than 30th June. Please put the words Sanctuary Scholarship in the subject line of the email.

(This support is provided on the basis that the student is not eligible or does not at a future time become eligible for State Support for “free fees” and/or maintenance. Likewise, this support may be discontinued if the student is successful in their application for another scholarship or bursary scheme.)