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The information on grants is the latest available at the time of going to press but is subject to change by the Department of Education, the Examining Bodies and the Governing Body.

General Information on Grants

The Department of Education and Skills have published the Student Grant Scheme for the 2022/23 academic year on the Citizens Information website and they are advising students to apply as early as possible for a grant so as to avoid long delays in processing applications. Do not wait until you receive your CAO offer, ensure you correctly complete the application forms, send in the correct supporting documentation and do not miss the application deadline or you will face long delays in getting your grant application accessed.  Closing date for the prioritising of renewal applications is 09th June 2022 and for new applications is 07th July 2022

New Grant Applications:

All new applications for 2022/23, including students changing their courses or progressing to new courses (be they add-on courses or otherwise), will be made online through Student Universal Support Ireland, SUSI, SUSI will pay the student contribution fees directly to the institute and the maintenace payment if applicable will be pay directly into the student's nominated bank accounts. All payments (Levels 6/7/8) under this scheme will be paid directly into your bank account on a monthly basis. Please contact SUSI for detailed payment schedule.

Renewal SUSI applications 

Students awarded by SUSI in 2021/22 must renew their application online and SUSI will notify them by email when this facility is available.  Students who are progressing to the next year of their course must renew their grants. Visit SUSI for more information

How to apply for a Grant?

The Department of Education and Skills has taken the first major step to overhaul the student grant system. The four schemes has been replaced by a single unified scheme this year, namely Student Universal Support Ireland, SUSI. This will make it far easier for students to apply for a grant. Students should visit or to access information about student grants and to complete or download a Student Grant Application Form. Guidance notes on completing the application form are also provided for download.  The student finance link highlights important points for completing the application form and contains other useful information which is a convenient and user-friendly source of information on financial support for further higher education.

Who is responsible for paying student grants?

Nathalie Rynne in the Academic Administration Office is responsible for administering student grant payments once they have been approved by the Awarding Authority and she can be contacted at Extension 2090, direct dial +353 (0)42 9370233 or email

SUSI Grant Payment Schedule

Please see the SUSI Payment Schedule listed below:

Payment Payment Date
Payment 1 22/09/2022
Payment 2 13/10/2022
Payment 3 10/11/2022
Payment 4 15/12/2022
Payment 5 12/01/2023
Payment 6 16/02/2023
Payment 7 16/03/2023
Payment 8 06/04/2023
Payment 9 11/05/2023

Change of Family Income

A student whose family income has changed can apply to be considered for a grant (or an increased level of grant) at any stage in his/her programme. The basis for such an application can be the current family situation rather than income in the last financial year.

Long Term Unemployed

Information relevant to the long term unemployed can be found by visiting the Education & Training section of the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection website.  

Back to Education Allowance

Information relevant to the Back to Education Allowance (BTEA) can be found on the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection website

Mature Students

Mature students (over 23 on 1st January of year of entry to course) entering or re-entering college may be entitled to be assessed independently of their parents/guardian for a grant/scholarship.

Visit SUSI website for further details.

DkIT Quality Office

Please click link below to read the DkIT Quality Policy:

Useful Links for Fees and Grants

Additional Financial Support - Student Assistant Fund:

The Student Assistance Fund provides financial assistance for full-time higher education students who are experiencing financial difficulties whilst attending college. Students can apply for Student Assistance to help them with either temporary or ongoing financial difficulties. The Student Assistance Fund provides a further source of funding for higher education students in addition of the Student Grant. 

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Supports for Traveller Students 

The Access Office has funding to support members of the Traveller Community who are starting at DkIT this academic year or who are already students with us.

Please contact the Access Officer, Eileen Lynch, in confidence to arrange to discuss possible supports:


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