Trevor Hearty

Lean Six Sigma



The Lifelong Learning Centre's Lean Six Sigma course helped Trevor Hearty devise a new cost-saving communications solution for his employers, Kingspan, where he is Enterprise Web Leader at its head office at Kingscourt, Co Cavan.

Kingspan is a global leader in high performance insulation, building fabric, and solar integrated building envelopes and operates in 85 countries.  Trevor leads a team that manages core IT services across Kingspan’s global infrastructure. He was looking for a new system that would connect people easily, be it on their phones, mobiles or laptops and no matter where they were.

Trevor said,

“My background is in electronic engineering and I had worked in Motorola, one of the founders of Lean Six Sigma but I had never actually undertaken any formal training.  When I saw that Dundalk IT was offering a night course in Lean Six Sigma I decided to use it to analyse my business problem.” he continued.

During the course, Trevor examined a number of potential solutions and concluded that Microsoft ‘Lync’ was the best fit. He said,

“If someone rings my desk phone, I can take the call on my laptop or my mobile phone, no matter where I am.   We can now do audio and video conferencing, instant messaging and voicemail very quickly, simply and efficiently."

The Microsoft Lync system is now deployed at Kingspan’s head office and is being rolled out to the company’s environmental division in Northern Ireland.  Once it’s implemented, all site to site calls will be free, which will yield substantial cost savings as well.

Trevor said

“Lean Six Sigma is a great process for thinking through a problem, no matter what business you are in. My team provides a service within a large manufacturing company and the solving of the communications problem has benefited the business.”

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