Tara McGivern

BSc (Hons) Computing in Games Development, 2017

Application Development Analyst for Accenture



Tara [23] graduated from DkIT in November 2017 with a BSc(Hons) in Games Development and is now with Accenture.

 “I loved it here. It was definitely challenging going into a course that I had no experience in but there was always loads of options in terms of getting help.”

 She said she would go to the IT Learning Centre on campus, the tutor supported study environment available to all computing students.

 “Going to the IT learning centre was massive. They sat down with me for hours until they knew I understood what I was doing.”

 “There was always lecturers willing to help. When I first started going for interviews I had lecturers volunteering their time to help me figure out some of the questions I could be asked in terms of technical interviews, so that was massive.”

 She thinks overcoming the challenge of taking up a course she had no experience with has taught her a valuable life skill.

 “When I first started struggling with the course, it was a sink or swim moment, so learning to buckle down and keep working is something you will use everyday throughout your entire life.”

 “It is a shame you don’t hear about DkIT a lot more, there is so much coming out of this college so hopefully in a few years when I say I am from DkIT, people know its DkIT and not DIT!”

 She availed of the Accenture Graduate Programme where she is an App development analyst, an opportunity which has brought her

“training in Madrid, surfing in Lahinch and skiing in Geneva.”

 Originally from Dundalk, Tara attended St Vincent's girls secondary school.

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