Rosvaldas Nudas

Springboard funded

Certificate in Digital Marketing and Digital Media Management, 2014


A holiday in Ireland a few years ago brought home to Lithuanian-born Rosvaldas Nudas the number of career opportunities with the large international companies based here. 

Rosvaldas said,

“I saw tremendous opportunities for German speakers so I went home, packed my bags, spent over a year in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to improve my knowledge of the language, then landed in Dublin in December 2014 and got a bus to Dundalk to start work in PayPal as a Customer Solutions Agent.”

Rosvaldas had studied Economics at Klaipeda University in his native land but he wanted to move into digital marketing and online advertising in Ireland.  He made enquiries about part-time courses at DKIT and discovered the Certificate in Digital Marketing and Digital Media Management, which ran two evenings a week. Rosvaldas said,

“I was advised to register via Springboard which I didn’t know anything about and so I thought that it was how you apply for educational courses in Ireland. Once I was accepted and the course started, I emailed the co-ordinator asking how I should pay and I was delighted when I was told it would be free of charge!”

Keen to move to Dublin and gain some experience working in the capital, Rosvaldas was offered a five month contract at Google where his role as Shared Services Representative was to support account managers looking after global online advertising industry leaders. Rosvaldas said,

”The Certificate from DKIT definitely helped me to get the job at Google. I doubt if they would have looked at me twice otherwise. I learned so much by working there and from the individuals surrounding me. I learned about the culture of working with globally successful companies, I improved my excel skills and some of the programming languages, I certainly improved my English by dealing with terms and definitions previous unknown to me. It was a great experience.”

Rosvaldas now works as a marketing expert at Accenture BPO Facebook in Dublin and he said,

“Accenture is developing business sales and marketing teams for Facebook targeting Europe and in my role I manage over 200 German small to medium-sized Facebook for Business accounts. I choose a number of those accounts each quarter to work on developing their Facebook spend and increasing the profitability of their advertising campaigns.”

Rosvaldas was very impressed with the ‘real-world’ applications and blended mixture of skills taught as part of DKIT’s Certificate in Digital Marketing and Digital Media and he found the tutors to be very professional, extremely helpful and friendly. He particularly loved the fact that they taught him how to produce videos and edit images. He commented,

“In fact, while cycling to work one day, I came up with an idea to cycle around Ireland in 10 days and film it. You can see my results on!”

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