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Regina Moley

Certificate in Higher and Professional Learning


Regina Moley, from Cullaville, Co. Armagh, completed the Certificate in Higher and Professional Learning at DkIT in 2018, with the aim of using this introduction back into the world of study as a route to completing the MA in Learning and Teaching at DkIT.

Taking time out of her busy work and study schedule, Regina sat down to have a chat with DkIT about how she is getting on.

“I had been looking at some of the colleges and universities throughout the country, North and South and DkIT seemed to offer what everyone else was and it was right on my doorstep.”

A conversation with Moira Maguire, Head of Learning and Teaching within the Centre for Learning and Teaching at DkIT, gave Regina the clarity and information she needed to make the first step into further study.

“I got talking to Moira and although I had initially been looking to do the Masters in Learning and Teaching (MALT), she had suggested that I first complete the Certificate in Higher and Professional Learning to bridge the gap between the two courses and give me the introduction back into study that I needed after being out of education for so long.”

“When researching the courses available and looking into those available at DkIT, the breakdown of the modules and the syllabus of the MALT course were very relevant to me, because of the work that I do.”

Following the completion of the Certificate in Higher and Professional Learning and now as a student of the Masters in Learning and Teaching, Regina is highly complimentary of the support provided to her.

“I have to say and it is the same with everyone I speak to, the support is amazing. I know I have only completed one course and have started another, but it seems to be that at any time there are mechanisms in place that allow you contact your tutors and they get straight back to you. I especially like that element of studying here, especially being a mature student.”

“I feel that I got everything out of the Certificate in Higher and Professional Learning. It really gave me the confidence to go on. Although I have been working full-time all my adult life and have completed short courses throughout that time, I haven’t actually gone back to college or university in 20 years. It is important to have the support initially and guidance so you know you’re on the right track.”

Speaking to DkIT, Regina shared her advice to future students who are thinking about studying either the Certificate in Higher and Professional Learning or the Masters in Learning and Teaching:

“For anyone that has been out of studying the Certificate would be the perfect introduction for them, because there is no pressure on you as such and you are getting that support from your tutor. Being shown how to research, reference etc., which I had totally forgotten how to do and is so important meant that it was very relevant and gave me the confidence I needed to progress to the Master’s degree.”


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