Rebecca Brownlee

Grand Prix watching with her dad sparked an interest in mechanical engineering for Rebecca Brownlee

“I looked at studying aerospace for a while and electrical (engineering) but I always came back to mechanical engineering.”

Rebecca Brownlee (19) admits she is particularly interested in fast cars and said, “It could be because I watched Grand Prix with my dad since I was small.”

With her first year in Mechanical Engineering behind her she already knows there are a number of areas she can look for employment in the future.

“I can go into the medical field ‘cos it is becoming more robotic in nature. They are building robots to help with surgeries and building prosthetics for amputees and they all need mechanical engineers.”

Rebecca is a past pupil of Our Lady’s Grammar School, Newry which is close to her home.

Her love of cars began before she started school. She attributes it to when as a young girl she would watch the Grand Prix and in particular the cars driven by Michael Schumacher.

“It was the design of the cars. I loved the way they were made so that they cut through the air. I am still interested in that, in the design elements.”

She says DkIT, “is the best place that I could have ever come to. Here you have access to your lecturers, the lecturer rooms are smaller so there is more one on one.”

“If we are struggling they will come over and ask what they can do to help. It is more personal and most of lecturers know your name.”

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