Raymond Manley

Certificate in Renewable Energy


Renewable energy enthusiast, Raymond Manley saw the Level 6 Certificate in Renewable Energy at DkIT as the ideal opportunity to get more in-depth knowledge about the area, to help him undertake an ambitious renovation project on his 1902 Dundalk home and convert it into an energy efficient, environmentally friendly haven.

“I was planning to renovate my 1902 home and I wanted to find out what the practical options would be that I could install over the course of a year. I therefore wanted to enrol in a course that would give me the ideas for what would work.”

A retired lecturer in Electronics and Engineering, Raymond’s interest in the area stemmed from a passion to find out more about climate change, as well as find out more about renewable energy and what options were available for him to make changes in his home.

“While my background is in Engineering and Electronics, I wouldn’t have had much experience in the area of renewable energy. Climate change and the fact that we all need to get a bit more information about energy and what options we have that could be implemented in our lives and our home and car for example were the main reasons to undertake the course.”

For Raymond, DkIT seemed to be the only option that supported him in achieving his goals.

“I found that the Level 6 Certificate was not too difficult a level and it meant that over a year I could get a compact course, focusing on all the areas of renewable energy and which gave me the skills and information I needed to make evaluations about the best options for me. I was also interested in DkIT because it was just on my doorstep and I knew that there was a Centre for Renewable Energy here, one of the only institutes in the country that I am aware of that has one.”

“All of the lecturers on the course were excellent and very knowledgeable. While I came into the college for most classes, I had the flexibility of attending the online classes also, which made it very accessible.”

“The best part of the course for me was the final project, involving a report based on my house and detailing what options I could and couldn’t use or would be most likely to use. During the renovation I was then able to implement the report conclusions. The year after renovating my house I can see a 30% reduction in the energy used.”

Now a part-time lecturer at DkIT teaching the Level 6 Certificate in Applied Electrical Engineering, Raymond made quite a few changes to his home following completion of the course.

“I installed a lot of insulation into the walls of the house to reduce energy loss as much as possible, introduced controls, timers and heating zones, allowing me to control the amount of heat and gas I used.”

“The Certificate in Renewable Energy is a very good course for anyone interested in the area and anyone wanting to take responsibility for climate change. There is a lot you can learn from it!”


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