James Leonard

“I made an App to help students on work placement”

James Leonard from Drogheda, Co Louth is a 4th year student in BSc (Hons) in General Nursing.

“I was part of a team of students who created a mobile app that aimed to help first year nursing students ease into life on placement. The app allowed users to coordinate what ward they were on and where to locate it in the hospital, it would also tell users what facilities were on that ward and where to find them and what conditions to expect. Placement although extremely beneficial can be daunting for students. Our tagline was “Zero Panic Placement”, we created this app to help make the transition from classroom to hospital easier for students.”

"Honestly, DkIT wasn’t my first choice but is definitely the best choice for me in hindsight. I had set my sights on Trinity and DCU but thinking back I am so glad that I got DkIT. The locality and the class size just suits me perfectly. I have friends that go to bigger universities and their experience is so different compared to mine. For them, it’s very much you’re a student, you’re a lecturer but here it’s more like we’re peers, we’re equal."

"For example, this week our lecturers threw us a farewell party before we set off for placement next semester. They got us this massive farewell cake and we were all just chatting away and our lecturers told us loads of stories about their own placement experience, it was so nice and a really positive way to conclude the semester."

"I applied through CAO and it was straight forward. I came to the Open Day at DkIT so I knew exactly what I had to put down. Coming from Drogheda, the campus is so handy for me. I usually get a lift or bus. If I get a lift it only takes around 20 minutes and a bus usually takes 40."

Best thing about DkIT?

"The best thing about DkIT for me was how easy it was to make friends here, it’s like a little community."

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