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Emma Doan

“I made a screen print of a digital design”

Emma is from South Vietnam and lives in Dundalk while completing her studies, she is in her final year of the BA (Hons) Communications in Creative Media.

“I made a screen print of a digital design. The process is very complicated and time consuming but the finished product is something that I am very proud of. Screen printing is extremely different to digital design, with screen printing it is traditional and there are a lot of guidelines that you need to follow. I had to narrow the print down to 2 colours so that it would look better because if you use too many colours the end result isn’t as captivating. The process involves a lot of planning and preparation too so you need to get a lot of different elements in order before you even begin. I liked that this project allowed me to utilise different elements of design both digital and traditional, I love the practical aspect because it allows me to improve on my skills. I think practical work is imperative in creative media because it prepares you for the industry.”

“I didn’t have much difficulty choosing what course I wanted to do in college. I really liked drawing and being creative when I was in school so I knew I wanted to do something like that, I didn’t want to go down the fine art route so when I was doing my own research into different types of courses, the Media Arts and Technologies course sounded like the right option for me. I have now progressed onto the final year of the Communications in Creative Media course so I have a level 7 degree in Media Arts and Technologies and a level 8 in Communications in Creative Media. This allows me more options for my career once I graduate from college and further improves my skillset, I’d like to get a job in graphic design.”

“I found out about DkIT through an agency back home that promote international education opportunities, I really liked the sound of DkIT and the courses on offer so I applied and got accepted. The fact that Ireland is an English speaking country was a contributor in my decision because it meant I did not have to learn another language before I came. The application process was simple and the team in the International Office at DkIT helped me every step of the way. They really made it a far less stressful situation and were so quick to reply on email. They provided me with everything I needed from letters for visas to accommodation, they even organised transport from the airport which was extremely reassuring. DkIT is such a nice environment that I have been able to make lots of friends which definitely helped me settle in faster when I first moved here.”

“My top tips for anyone thinking about studying in Ireland would be to just go for it. DkIT is relatively small compared to some of the other colleges in Ireland so they have a lot more facilities to be able to care and give some extra attention to international students who are travelling long distances to get here. Everyone was so helpful that the process was stress-free. The class sizes are smaller too so you also get extra time with your lecturers and they know you by your first name. My other tip would be to prepare your English because communication is so important.”

Best thing about DkIT?

“The facilities. The facilities here are so good that it has really allowed me to progress my skills and experiment. I have got the chance to not only work with digital design but also traditional forms. My lecturers have all been very accommodating and are always willing to give their time to students who need extra help.”

Making it at #DkiT

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