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Donna Cannon

"The midwifery lecturers in DKIT are excellent; experienced and supportive and the facilities are second to none. "

Donna Cannon

Donna Cannon from Monaghan is a graduate of the BSc (Hons) in Midwifery at DkIT.

"As a mature student and mother, undertaking study after so many years out of education was challenging. In DKIT, however, there are many supports available for those who need it; ranging from computer skills to academic writing. I found that approaching study as a job worked for me. The nature of the course work meant that we had adequate notice for when assignments were due, allowing me to manage my time effectively."

"One of the things that set DKIT apart from other locations is the training access we had to Ireland’s two Midwifery Led Units; in Our Lady of Lourdes, Drogheda and Cavan Hospital. Being able to experience midwifery in these settings as a student was extremely beneficial and exciting. As midwives, we consider childbirth as a normal event in women’s lives. Appreciating normality can sometimes be challenging when working within a hospital environment. Within a Midwifery led setting, however, we were able to fully observe and appreciate the normality of pregnancy and childbirth."

"The course itself is extremely interesting and I feel it has equipped me well to fulfil my current role as a professional midwife. Learning obtained in modules evolved with an effective progression from first year; emphasising basic skills and the ‘normal’, through to subsequent years, where I gained an understanding of the physiology and pathophysiology which can occur from conception to birth and beyond. The concept of woman-centred care has always been a prominent feature in the learning provided and this ethos remains at the centre of the care I now provide."

"The midwifery lecturers in DKIT are excellent; experienced and supportive and the facilities are second to none."

"I would wholeheartedly recommend both Midwifery as a career and DKIT as the place to become one."


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