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Ciara Clarke

Certificate in Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt)

Dundalk-based Ciara Clarke, Account Manager at Servisource, one of the fastest growing recruitment and staffing solutions providers in Ireland, first became interested in the area of Lean Six Sigma when taking part in a Leadership Development Programme at work.

“As a company, we were looking at implementing lean principles in Servisource. Problem-solving and cutting out unnecessary steps played right into my wheelhouse. Our CEO has a particular interest in lean and continuous Improvement with a view to enhancing the service delivery experience for our customers. While participating in the Servisource Leadership and Development Programme I was tasked with investigating lean as a potential business model.”

In order to gain a better insight and understanding of the topic, Ciara undertook research into courses available across the country and she was delighted to find that DkIT offered the Certificate in Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt) right on her doorstep.

“DkIT’s reputation and location made it an easy choice for me when it came to choosing the best course. And the timing was perfect. I completed the course from September to December 2018, which coincided perfectly with the Leadership Development Programme at work!”

As Ciara’s work required her to travel regularly to the far side of the country to meet with colleges and universities, regarding recruitment of support staff for students with disabilities, she was often commuting from far afield to make it to her classes on the DkIT campus in Dundalk.

“I recall one evening when I drove from Galway to DkIT for class and then straight back to Portlaoise, so that I was at least halfway to Limerick, where I needed to be the following morning.”

But for Ciara is was worth it, with her highlights including the balance of theory and practice along with the exposure to the various industries that were represented in the group of students in the class.

“My lecturers were extremely approachable and very passionate about the topic. They ensured there was always a great balance of theory and practical, combined with real life examples to further explain ideas and concepts.”

“The course was hugely beneficial for me in a professional capacity, offering a change in mindset and allowing me to adopt new tools to support me in how I approached projects.”

“Since I completed the course I will be working on lean projects within the company, helping to develop a lean culture within Servisource. Exciting times ahead!” 

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