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Brendan Ward

Springboard funded

Certificate in Sustainable Heating and Plumbing, 2011


By gaining a qualification through the Springboard initiative Brendan Ward found his business facing a brighter future.

Regardless of your level of education or how many years’ experience you have working in your field, adding further qualifications to your CV will undoubtedly make you stand out at your next job interview.

Not only do further qualifications keep you up to date in developments in your area, they also display a willingness to learn and can open the door to applying for jobs for which you were not previously qualified.

It was for these reasons that Brendan Ward decided to undertake a course in DkIT through the Springboard initiative.

I had never actually qualified as a plumber but I worked for over 20 years plumbing and building houses,” says Brendan. “I was made redundant in 2009 and decided that I needed to learn an extra set of skills to improve my chances of finding another job.

Brendan searched the courses available locally in DkIT and found that the course that appealed to him, a Certificate in Sustainable Heating and Plumbing, was available through Springboard.

Brendan is confident that his new qualification will aid him in securing future employment as he now has a greater understanding of recent developments in renewable energy and solar heating.

Applying for the course was very straight forward,” he concludes. “The whole process was very simple and my application was approved within a few days. I would definitely recommend Springboard courses.”

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