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About Springboard

What is Springboard?

Springboard is a FREE part-time education and training opportunity for people who are unemployed or previously self-employed and are looking for work.  There are hundreds of courses available across the country, all in areas of the economy which are growing and where there is a need for skilled personnel.  These areas include Information and Communications Technology (ICT); Manufacturing; International Financial Services; and key skills for enterprise to trade internationally.

Qualifications are also available in Innovation, Enterprise/Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, and Project Management.   Completing a Springboard course will enable you to gain a Certifcate, Diploma, Degree or Postgraduate qualification in your chosen field.

At DkIT, we are offering 69 places on 5 courses in 2017/2018. For a full listing of what courses are currently available, click here.


Are you eligible for a free part-time Springboard course?

To be eligible for a part-time Springboard course a person must be:

Unemployed with a previous history of employment. 

You must also satisfy one of the following three criteria:

Be in receipt of one of the following payments from the Department of Social Protection:

•Jobseekers Benefit

•Jobseekers Allowance

•One Parent Family

•Disability Allowance

•Carers Allowance

•Farm Assist/Fish Assist

•Widow(er)s Contributory or Non-contributory Pension

•Blind Pension

•Deserted Wives Allowance

There is no requirement to be in receipt of a payment for a particular period of time prior to the commencement of the programme. Participants in receipt of an eligible payment at the time the Springboard+ course commences are eligible to apply for a place on that course. However, providers will be required to give priority to applications from people who are long term unemployed.


Be signing for social insurance contribution credits


Be previously self-employed


Be actively seeking employment

People participating in the Community Employment Scheme; the Rural Social Scheme; Tús; JobBridge or in receipt of the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance or the Short Term Enterprise Allowance may apply for Springboard and, with the approval of a Department of Social Protection Case Officer, take up a Springboard+ course.

To participate in a NFQ Level 9 (Post Graduate) course, a period of at least one year must have elapsed since completing a full time undergraduate degree course leading to a major award at level 8 on the NFQ.

For the purposes of determining eligibility for Springboard+ the term unemployed also includes people who are on short term working and in receipt of a Jobseekers payment from the Department of Social Protection.


If you are unemployed and in receipt of a jobseekers payment (including Farm Assist and Qualified Adults of Working Age) you are NOT ELIGIBLE for the two year ICT Conversion courses.


Will you still receive your welfare benefits if you join a Springboard course?

For more details on benefits log onto http://springboardcourses.ie/faq