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Why do you need a Committee?

An effective club begins with an effective, co-operative, and hardworking committee.It is therefore imperative that people that are keen and willing to take on some responsibility fill the positions on a committee. Growth and development do not happen by accident. It is important to set goals and devise appropriate plans to achieve them. Putting the proper club structures in place and harnessing the varied talents of a large number of people help in this respect.

What is a Committee?

A Committee is a group of people who enjoy their sport or activity so much that they got themselves elected to run the Club or Society that they're involved in! A Committee has been defined as ‘A body of people meeting round a table to take decisions for joint action on behalf of some other (larger?) body of people’.

Committees exist to:

  • Collate ideas
  • Promote certain objectives
  • Shelve ideas

They are supposed to be valuable and some people find them enjoyable. Remember, though, that it's the group that is achieving - the Committee officers are merely there to facilitate the group's activities (you're elected to represent your membership!).

Please see attached below the Roles and Responsibilies of each committee member. If you have any further questions regarding this, please contact the Sports & Societies Office.