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How to set up a Club or Society

If you find that there are no club/society in Dundalk IT that caters for your interest, then why not set up your own club or society. To ensure a successful club, a focus on both efficient organisation and the importance of fun and enjoyment is necessary. Please see below guidelines on how to set-up a club/society.

Remember the following criteria:

  • They’re must be at least 8 or more signatures in support of an application. (Student ID numbers have to accompany the signatures for verification purposes. Signatories must be by full time students of DKIT.)
  • A constitution and statement of aims must be produced and be deemed satisfactory. It must be democratic and have proper financial controls.
  • The principal aims of the society must not already be covered in the aims of any recognised society or capitated body or group thereof.
  • It must satisfy the Sports and Service Officer that the Club or Society is likely to make a long-term contribution to student life in DkIT and to continue on an on-going basis.
  • Once recognition has been granted, a meeting should be arranged between the Club or Society and the Sports and Societies Officer to discuss the running of the Club / Society and what you need to do now that you are recognised.
  • If you are granted recognition, you will immediately be entitled to the various facilities that DkIT offers its Clubs and Societies. However you may not be eligible to apply for funding depending on the time of year, funds available etc. The maximum grant available for a club or society in their first year is €200.
  • You will also be able to incorporate the words “Dundalk Institute of Technology” in the clubs / Societies title.
  • An application for recognition usually takes about two months to process.

For information on how to set up a Club/Society, please see the attached document