Prof Mike Walsh


Former SFI Walton Professor and Senior Research Fellow

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Room 42
Smooth Muscle Research Centre
Dundalk Institute of Technology
Dublin Road

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Research Interests   Research in my laboratory is focused on signal transduction pathways involved in the regulation of smooth muscle contraction. Areas of interest include:
• Mechanisms of Ca2+ sensitization of smooth muscle contraction
• Ca2+-independent phosphorylation of smooth muscle myosin
• Regulation of myosin light chain phosphatase by phosphorylation of the MYPT1 subunit and of the phosphatase inhibitor protein CPI-17
• The mechanism of activation of myosin light chain kinase by Ca2+-calmodulin
• Structural and functional characterization of S100A11, a member of the S100 family of Ca2+-binding proteins
• The roles of the actin-binding proteins, calponin and caldesmon, in the regulation of smooth muscle contraction
• Signaling via the RhoA/Rho-associated kinase pathway in the cerebral vasculature (in collaboration with Dr Don Welsh)
• Regulation of Kv channel function by phosphorylation (in collaboration with Prof Bill Cole)
• Development of highly sensitive proteomic methods for the analysis of myosin isoform expression and myosin phosphorylation in the renal microvasculature (in collaboration with Prof Rodger Loutzenhiser)   Publications   Swärd, K., Dreja, K., Susnjar, M., Hellstrand, P., Hartshorne, D.J. and Walsh, M.P. (2000) J. Physiol. 522: 33-49. Inhibition of Rho-associated kinase blocks agonist-induced Ca2+ sensitization of myosin phosphorylation and force in guinea pig ileum.
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Galkin, V. E., Orlova, A., Fattoum, A., Walsh, M. P. and Egelman, E. H. (2006) J. Mol. Biol. 359: 478-485. The CH-domain of calponin does not determine the modes of calponin binding to F-actin.
Chen, T. T., Luykenaar, K., Walsh, E. J., Walsh, M. P. and Cole, W. C. (2006) Circ. Res. 99: 53-60. Key role of Kv1 channels in vasoregulation.   Grant Income   2006 - 2007 Science Foundation Ireland: ETS Walton Visitor Award
2005 – 2010 Canadian Institutes of Health Research: Mechanisms of regulation of smooth muscle contraction
2004 – 2007 Heart and Stroke Foundation of Alberta, NWT & Nunavut: Vascular smooth muscle S100A11 calcium-binding protein
2003 – 2008 Canadian Institutes of Health Research:
Molecular basis of KV current and its regulation in smooth muscle (Principal Investigator: W.C. Cole; Co-investigator: M.P. Walsh)
2004 – 2007 Canadian Institutes of Health Research:
Rho-kinase regulation of KDR channels in vascular smooth muscle (Principal Investigator: D.G. Welsh; Co-investigator: M.P. Walsh)