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Dr Eamonn Bradley



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Room 209
Smooth Muscle Group
Medical Biology Centre
Dept. of Physiology
97 Lisburn Road

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Research Interests   In the first year of my Ph.D I have used the patch clamp technique to characterise the T and L type calcium current in isolated rabbit urethra smooth muscle cells. I have shown their voltage dependence, selectively blocked each current then showed the effect of selectively blocking each current on the spontaneous activity generated in the urethra.
Currently I am using microflurimetry to demonstrate capacitative calcium entry in isolated urethra cells. I hope to show its selective block with pharmacological agents such as SKF-96365, Lanthanum and Gadolinium. When I have been able to selectively block the capacitative entry pathway I would then like to discover (using the patch clamp technique) how blocking this pathway affects the spontaneous activity in these cells.   Publications   Bradley E, Law A, Bell D, Johnson CD. Effects of varying impulse number on cotransmitter contributions to sympathetic vasoconstriction in rat tail artery.Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2003 Jun;284(6):H2007-14. Bradley JE, Anderson UA, Woolsey SM, McHale NG, Thornbury KT & Hollywood MA. Characterisation of T-type calcium current and its role in spontaneous activity in rabbit urethal smooth muscle. Journal of Physiology (abstract) 2003.J. E. Bradley, U. A. Anderson, S. M. Woolsey, K. D. Thornbury, N. G. McHale & M. A. Hollywood. (2004).Characterisation of T-type calcium current and its contribution to electrical activity in the rabbit urethra.. Am. J. Physiol (Cell), in press: pages 000 to 000.   Grant Income   R&D Office for the HPSS in Northern Ireland