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Annual Progress Monitoring

Continued registration as a Postgraduate Student is dependent on the successful completion of formally evaluated Annual Progress Monitoring Report. Annual Progress Report must be completed via the DkIT Research Management System. All postgraduate students should have registered on this system during their Postgraduate Registration process. Please ensure that all details are correct and up-to-date are correct, including the selection of your Supervisors. 

Annual Progress Monitoring Report Process:

  1. Each year in late Spring, you will receive notification from your Head of School that Annual Progress Reports are due. 
  2. Logon to your profile on the DkIT Research Management System
  3. Ensure that you have correctly selected your Principal Supervisor in your Profile
  4. Select “Create New Progress Report”
  5. Complete all sections and click “Save Draft”
  6. Once saved, the system will generate additional fields which should be completed. Please select your Principal and Secondary Supervisors from the drop-down menus. If your supervisor’s names do not appear on this list, please inform the Research Office ASAP.
  7. Details of any discipline-specific or transferrable skills training, conference and/or workshops which you attended in the academic year should be provided. Please include your Postgraduate Induction training if you are in Year 1.
  8. Once all fields have been filled, select submit.
  9. Evaluation of the reports will be carried out at a School level. The report will be completed by your Principal supervisor, approved by the Supervisory panel and endorsed by the Graduate Research Programme Board.
  10. Once approved, you will receive an invitation from the Admissions Office to re-register for the next academic Year and instructions on the payment of annual fees.
  11. In the case of a negative recommendation, the Institute will take the view that the student is unlikely to achieve the degree for which he/she is registered and he/she will not be permitted to continue as a registered Postgraduate research student.
  12. A student has the right to appeal a decision made by the Graduate Research Programme Board. This process for appealing can be found in the Academic Regulations Policy.