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Governance, Integrity & Ethics

DkIT believes in openness and the highest standards of integrity within our institute, conducting our research fairly and in the most considerate possible way.


Research at DkIT is translational in nature, with some of our research teams being industry facing. These teams have secured industry-focused research funding from a range of national and European funding agencies.

Part of the remit of the DkIT Research Office is to work in collaboration with the Regional Development Centre to enable the commercialisation of targeted research projects and foster new industrial partnerships. Further information regarding research commercialisation can be found here.


Research Integrity at DkIT

Dundalk Institute of Technology is committed to achieving excellence in research and scholarship. DkIT expects all researchers, be they staff, students or visitors to the Institute, to abide by National, European and International Standards of Research Integrity and responsible research and innovation.

The pursuit of excellent research and the realisation of our responsibilities to participants in research, research users and the wider community requires the maintenance of the highest standards of integrity, rigour and ethics in all research carried out at, and in partnership with, the Institute. Explore all the Research Forms and Resources.

DkIT Good Research Guidance Policy

National Policy Statement on Ensuring Research Integrity in Ireland

Research integrity relates to the performance of research to the highest standards of professionalism and rigour, and to the accuracy and integrity of the research record in publications and elsewhere. It is essential that the Irish research system as a whole protects its reputation for the quality and integrity of its research activity and outputs, in order that we and our international partners may rely on those outputs to promote economic and social development and growth. Unfortunately, instances of research malpractice and misconduct are increasing worldwide. Research integrity is best ensured, in so far as possible, when individual researchers, institutions and funding bodies work together to create effective processes. This should ensure that the research for which they are responsible is conducted to the highest standards, and any shortcomings in process or practice are identified and taken in hand. These principles are captured in the National Policy Statement on Ensuring Research Integrity in Ireland, published in 2014.

National Policy Statement of Ireland

National Research Integrity Forum

The National Forum on Research Integrity was established in June 2015. It is coordinated by the Irish Universities Association (IUA) and the Technological Higher Education Association (THEA). The Forum membership is drawn from research funders, research performing organisations and other relevant organisations. The Forum is chaired by Professor Anita Maguire from University College Cork and the Deputy Chairperson is Dr. Jennifer Brennan from the Technological Higher Education Association.

Report from the Research Integrity National Forum

For more information, please visit the THEA website


DkIT is committed to ensuring the responsible conduct of research. This encompasses both the principles of ethical research and research integrity. The DkIT Research Ethics Policy is based on the ethical principles articulated in The Belmont Report namely, respect for persons, beneficence and justice. Researchers are expected to conduct research in accordance with these principles, in a manner that ensures dignity, respect and care for others, honesty, integrity and accountability. All those engaged in research activity, at any level, have a duty to be familiar with this policy and to implement it in their research. Protection of data is covered under this policy.

The responsibility to ensure ethical research practice in DkIT rests with Academic Council. The Institute Ethics Committee (IREC) acts on behalf of Academic council to review proposed research and to monitor and review the Research Ethics Policy. The IREC sits within the Research Office and reports to Academic council via the Research Sub-Committee. Each School operates a Research Ethics subcommittee (SREC) to review research within the School on behalf of the IREC. Researchers submitted proposals containing potential ethical issues, must submit an Ethical Approval Application Form to their SREC. View all Research Policies & Guidelines.

DkIT Research Ethics Policy    DkIT Ethical Approval Application form



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