Software Testing

At RSRC the research in the of the field of  Software Testing focuses on the development of a testing framework for the medical device industry. The research focuses on the integration of medical device specific verification and validation practices into established testing frameworks. We look at what practices organisations having an established testing framework in place would need to implement to satisfy the verification and validation requirements as described in the medical device regulations for software. Currently, three research students working on software testing for medical device software. 

Hamsini Ketheswarasarma Rajaram is  performing research in the area of the use of taxonomy based tesing in the development of medical device software. She is working with the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation in the deevlopment of an international standard ANSI/AAMI SW91:2018 Classification of defects in health software. This defect taxonomy will be used for taxonomy based testing. A framework is being developed to allow medical device software development companies to implemnet taxonomy based tesing as part of their software development process.

Andzej Beniamin Bujok is performming research in the devlopment of a testing framework for use by medical device software development companies. The framework combines international stanadards for the development of medical device software with software testing best practice as defined in current international standards. The framework will be validated by expert review from both medical device software companies and testing companies.

Mohammad Anjum is preforming research to investigate the effectiveness of the use of Behaviour Driven Development in the medical device software domain. He is investigating the use of Agile techniques for the definition of requirements and testing of medical device software. This reserach is being performed in close collaboration with industry partners.