The RSRC enjoyed exceptional succes in the first call of Enterprise Ireland's Disruptive Technolgies Innovation Fund.

Two individual project were funded under this call:

Medical Imaging Ireland (Med-I)

The aim of Med-I is to facilitate and accelerate Artificial Intelligence (AI) based medical imaging research and exploitation in Ireland & the EU. Advancements in AI tools represent significant opportunity for improved patient standard of care and faster turnaround time, and help alleviate the following challenges: Medical imaging coming under increasing pressure due to the ever increasing number of scans not being matched by the supply of trained radiologists; Complex technical, regulatory and ethical barriers impede large scale research and adoption. These barriers include difficulty in getting access to anonymised medical data, regulatory compliant handling of private data, and complex deployment and validation requirements in clinical settings.

To address these challenges Med-I will develop an open and secure platform to share anonymised medical data and ultimately provide & validate new and existing trustworthy AI based medical imaging tools.

Medical Imaging Ireland (Med-I) is funded by the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund administered by Enterprise Ireland, and partners on this project include UCD, IBM, Nova Leah, Davra Networks and Mater Hospital.



The Medical Device Cybersecurity Transparency Project

In partnership with NovaLeah, this project aims to addredd cybersecurity transparency in medical device software.