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Dr Róisín Loughran

Dr Róisín Loughran is the Manager of the Regulated Software Research Centre in Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT). Dr Loughran obtained a Bachelors degree in Electronic Engineering in UCD before undertaking a MPhil in Music and Media Technology at Trinity College Dublin. She completed her PhD entitled `Musical Instrument Identification with Feature Selection Using Evolutionary Methods’ at the University of Limerick and worked for a number of years as a post-doctoral researcher within the Natural Research and Applications Group (NCRA) in UCD.  Dr Loughran has extensive knowledge and publications in the area of AI and Evolutionary Computing (EC), in particular in the application of EC methods to interdisciplinary projects such as those in digital signal processing, music generation and creativity. Dr Loughran is currently researching into the application of EC and other AI methods to investigate and mitigate unwanted detrimental biases in algorithmic systems. Dr Loughran is an active contributor to the working group for the IEEE P7003 upcoming Standard on ‘Algorithmic Bias Considerations’.