Dr Gilbert Regan

Dr Gilbert Regan is a senior postdoctoral researcher within the Regulated Software Research Centre at DKIT. Gilbert completed his PhD in 2017 where he developed a framework for the assessment and implementation of traceability within the medical device software domain. Previous to this, he completed degrees in electronic engineering and technology education. Additionally, he has completed a higher diploma in computer science. He has held engineering and management roles in a number of multinational companies where the focus of his work was product and process improvement. Gilbert has recently worked on both the DEIS and Maestro projects. DEIS is a H2020 funded project which aims to improve the dependability (namely safety and security) of cyber physical systems by developing technologies that enable a science of dependable system integration. Maestro is funded by the European Ambient Assisted Living programme and aims to develop a Reference Framework for evaluating quantified-self equipment and services for seniors. Currently, Gilbert is working on the Enterprise Ireland funded Med-I project. Med-I aims to develop a platform to advance the adoption of artificial intelligence within the medical imaging domain.