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Dr. Sheila Flanagan

Project Sponsor

Dr Ronan Bree

N-TUTORR DkIT Institute Lead

Dr. Moira Maguire

N-TUTORR Stream 1 co-lead

Angela Magennis

N-TUTORR Student Empowerment Co-ordinator

Ciara O’Shea

N-TUTORR Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator

Dr. Gerry Gallagher

N-TUTORR Stream 2 development team member

Dr. Arjan van Rossum

N-TUTORR DkIT Curriculum Framework Developer

Eugene Stewart

N-TUTORR DkIT Senior Technical Officer

Stuart Quinn

Financial Analyst

Student Champions

Alison Duffy

Department of Life & Health Sciences
N-TUTORR theme = UDL

  • Read Alisons Profile

    Alison Duffy, a third-year biopharmaceutical student in DKIT, is assigned to the N-TUTORR theme of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). She chose this theme to improve the student learning experience and raise awareness across campus. She aims to enhance her leadership skills and create positive change. By implementing UDL principles, Alison hopes to ensure an inclusive environment for diverse learning styles and abilities. Alison's goal is to promote inclusive practices, encourage faculty adoption of UDL strategies, and facilitate dialogue among students and educators. Through her role, she aims to foster a supportive learning environment for all DKIT students.

Louise Duffy

Department of Humanities
N-TUTORR theme = EDI

Ryan Hayes

Department of Nursing, Midwifery & Early Years

  • Read Ryans Profile

    Ryan Hayes is student of the School of Health & Science heading into his third year of the BSc (Hons) in General Nursing programme within the Department of Nursing, Midwifery and Early Years . In his spare time he holds the position of National Youth Representative for the Irish Red Cross advocating and representing the views of young people from across the country both within the Irish Red Cross as well as acting as a focal point across the European and Central Asian Networks. Ryan has always had a keen interest in Equality Diversity and Inclusion; as much of his professional and personal life involves dealing with people from a range of different backgrounds and cultures. He is one of the student facilitators of DkIT’s “Body Project” Programme. When asked about why he chose this thematic, Ryan explained how since beginning his journey at DkIT he felt the campus had a unique community atmosphere where everyone was welcome regardless of where they come from or who they are, and he hopes to use this experience as a student champion to ensure that others have the same experience during their studies. 

Celine Jia Xin Law

Department of Life & Health Sciences
N-TUTORR theme = Employability

  • Read Celines Profile

    Celine is a Third Year student in BSc (Hons) in Biopharmaceutical Science and a Malaysian student who has been in Ireland for four years and counting. She possesses an unwavering spirit and is a fast learner with remarkable capabilities, undeterred by challenges. Not only is she persistent, but Celine approaches every endeavour with unyielding determination, refusing to succumb to obstacles. One of Celines many aspirations is to make waves in the Biopharmaceutical field after college and to find balance in managing her time between all her interest. This year, Celine is one of the many Student Champions in DkIT 2023-2024 for the N-TUTOR programme.

Karen Kearney

Department of Humanities
N-TUTORR theme = EDI

  • Read Karens Profile

    Karen Kearney is currently a registered 3rd year student of the BA (Hons) in Social Care. Karen is a Student Ambassador and is an N-TUTTOR Student Champion who is engaging in the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion theme for the project. Karen’s passions include education equity and equality. Karen identifies that nobody is ever entirely limited by their present circumstances, however difficult these may be. She passionately believes in the benefits of education beyond the academic sphere, in the form of community, belonging and self-belief. Karen believes education is about empowerment and recognises there are always possibilities for the positive transformation of one’s life. The acquisition of new knowledge, skills and connections can be the instrument for transformation. Karen is excited for the meaningful opportunity to engage and empower her local institute DKIT, and the overall student learning experience. She is enthauastic about the potential impact N-TUTORR Student Champions can have on the future development of the TU sector. Karen is particularly interested in developing initiatives to further enhance DKIT’s embodiment of a truly inclusive and resilient citizenship. 

Shauna Kerley

Department of Life & Health Sciences
N-TUTORR theme = Academic Integrity

  • Read Shaunas Profile

    Shauna Kerley is one of seven student champions at DKIT. She is a third year study heading into her fourth who is currently studying BioScience in the life and health department in DKIT. The theme Shauna has chosen and been assigned to is Academic Integrity. The reason it was selected is because Academic integrity has never been more important to enforce with the current developments of artificial intelligence being so advanced and easy to access. The main goal to be achieved from highlighting this theme is that the whole student body understands the importance of producing their own work and the downfalls of using artificial intelligence that aren’t advertised.

Samuel Perpétuo Rodrigues

Postgraduate PhD Researcher (School of Health & Science)
N-TUTORR theme = Education for Sustainability

  • Read Samuels Profile

    Samuel Perpetuo is a journalist from Brazil with a passion for environmental education. He holds a master's degree in territory management, and currently, is pursuing a Ph.D. at Dundalk Institute of Technology. My research centers around the fascinating connection between Environmental Education and Citizen Science.  Samuel's journey into the realm of Environmental Education began in 2018, and ever since, he has been captivated by its potential for positive change. Samuel firmly believes that being a student champion is a remarkable opportunity to nurture his leadership skills and gain fresh perspectives for his future as a researcher. "Join me on this exciting adventure as we explore the powerful impact of education in shaping a sustainable future. Together, we can foster a harmonious relationship between humanity and the environment, creating a world where our planet thrives."