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Secondary School Students Visit DkIT Library

14 March 2018

Students from Our Lady’s College Drogheda visited DkIT Library on Tuesday 13th March for an Information Literacy class and study session. Students were also taken on a tour of the campus and the various schools.

DkIT Library’s Information Literacy For Schools Project, in place since March 2015, is about preparing secondary level students for study at third level. Students learn to source information and use it in an ethical, academic way. The students from Our Lady’s College are studying a philosophy module at school, so they used the Library catalogue and Subject Guides to source information on philosophy and religion.

The teachers from Our Lady’s College expressed their gratitude and said that the students found it very interesting and enjoyable. The students’ teachers said that from their perspective they felt it was important to introduce second level students to some of the independent learning concepts that will be required once they progress into third level.

The library wishes to thank and acknowledge the work of the School Liaison Officer, Diarmuid Cahill, and his team, for making the tours of the campus so interesting for the visiting students.

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