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Oceans Campus - Internships and Volunteering

Oceans was founded by four scientists with an entrepreneurial edge. Their aim was to create a unique marine research institute, and provide and facilitate innovative and dynamic marine research, relevant to the management and conservation of Southern Africa’s charismatic marine life. In addition to this, Oceans also offers an unparalleled internship program in which successful applicants are able to gain hands on training in the research of Great White Sharks, and other marine predators off the coast of South Africa.

This model proved overwhelmingly successful, and with time the organisation has branched out to include divisions focusing on Eco-Tourism, Environmental Journalism and Educational Outreach. Oceans has introduced a number of additional internship and volunteer opportunities in partnership with local wildlife, adventure and educational organisations. The Oceans Campus hosts participants on these programs in a single campus setting where students, volunteers and interns live together, share their ideas, dreams and ambitions, while experiencing some of Africa's most amazing natural environmental programs.

The Oceans Campus offers many diverse programs for the wildlife and adventure enthusiasts to advance their real world knowledge in an African environment.

High quality training is offered for candidates planning to break into the competitive arena of wildlife and adventure industries, such as Wildlife Film-making, Wildlife and Adventure Photography, Underwater Photography, Environmental and Travel Journalism, Wildlife Research, Wildlife Conservation and many more. The campus has attracted many of the region’s most established and renowned experts to coordinate and run the programs offered, ensuring that your experience at Oceans Campus will be challenging, rewarding and totally unforgettable in every way.                                                                                                                


Interested students can  apply at the following linkhttp://www.oceans-campus.com/contact/

Contact person: simone@oceans-campus.com




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