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Not All Heroes Wear Capes at DkIT

20 December 2023

The Students' Union at Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) recently ran a 'Nominate your DkIT Hero' promotion, with both staff and students being able to nominate who they felt was their Hero of the DkIT Community.

The Students Union were thrilled to host this initiative, Eoin Clarke, Student’s Union President, said

We were delighted to run 'Nominate your DkIT Hero' this semester. It was great to give students and staff the opportunity to recognise those who they believe make the DkIT community what it is. The Student’s Union received nominations for dozens of staff and students from across campus and it was not an easy task to select the winners from the amazing entries”.

The winners were Staff, Dr Terri Smyth, Noel Smyth, Shane Dowdall, Margaret Ward, Mairead McKenna and Annmarie McHugh. The winning Students were, Kellie Byrne, Max Lawlor and Jose Henrique Pinto Jaononi.

Below are just some of the heartwarming comments students made about their lectures, these comments were received by the Students Union along with their nominations.

“She's the soundest individual I've come across so far. She encourages individuality and speaks to students with respect. Her lectures and labs are wonderfully interesting. Her teaching methods help with information retention. In summary, she is both a great lecturer and excels in treating others with kindness”.

“Terri has gone above and beyond for us students. She takes the time with everyone to make sure we all understand the topic at hand and she's just a lovely person”.

“Mairead is a ray of sunshine. Everywhere she goes she’ll put a smile on people’s faces. She is the reason why I haven’t dropped out of college as she has given me so much support and good advice. We often call Mairead our college mammy as she’s the first person we’ll go to. Mairead is good at her job and never fails to catch everyone’s attention during class. I think she deserves this award because even though this is only her job, she cares for us as if we were family and she is 100% the highlight of my DKIT experience”.

“Noel strives to make our days fun and enjoyable”.

“We couldn't imagine DkIT without him. He makes our days and helps us shine. He is a conduit of information and a great first year convener. We wouldn't be where we are now without him”.

“He is the greatest human I've ever met. Every class he lights up the whole room with his amazing personality. He is one of the reasons I look forward to coming to learn in DkIT”.

“He brings us joy every day and we couldn’t imagine the campus without him. Long live Noel”.

“Noel is such an amazing person and lecturer; he makes us all enjoy our classes and looks forward to coming to DkIT. I believe he shines and brings joy to everyone”.

“He’s an excellent lecturer, my classmates and I enjoy his classes. We learn a lot from him, and his practical classes are really fun”.

“He is the nicest teacher as well as the most understanding and has the best lectures which everyone understands”.

“He does a very good job motivating the students to learn math. His approach makes students who hated math before actually like learning about it. His cheery and upbeat attitude makes it a very nice experience to work with him”.

Well done to all those who were nominated and were selected as winners, your spirit and generosity helps make the DkIT community a better place!


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