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N-TUTORR - October 2023

27 October 2023

N-TUTORR Academic Integrity Digital Badge launched on Moodle for DkIT students

Complementing local events and supports developed and launched locally by the Registrar’s Office, CELT and the Library in this area, this month also marked the launch of the N-TUTORR ‘Academic Integrity Digital Badge’ course for students across the sector - integrated and accessible via Moodle for DkIT students to engage with.  Credit to Angela Magennis, Moira Maguire, Gerry Gallagher and Gareth Morgan for facilitating its roll out locally. Students who complete this important course will be issued with a Certificate of Completion, and will receive a digital badge in the coming weeks. While at an early stage of the process, 449 DkIT students have already earned their certificate – the highest completion number across the sector thus far. Thanks to all staff who are continuing to encourage and support their learners in engaging with this course - available now on every student’s Moodle dashboard.  An interesting point to note - this national course contains a video created by DkIT student interns who worked on academic integrity during the summer months under the SATLE initiative.

Recent N-TUTORR Masterclasses; Education for Sustainability, and Academic Integrity

At the end of September, the N-TUTORR project held a national masterclass around ‘Education for Sustainable Development’, with 88% of survey responders stating they felt more informed about Education for Sustainable Development after listening to the speakers. You can view the recording here.  In recent weeks, N-TUTORR also held a student panel masterclass on the topic of Academic Integrity. Here, Shauna Kerley, a Y4 DkIT Biopharmaceutical Science student and N-TUTORR Student Champion, represented our institution and highlighted the importance of academic integrity across all stakeholders in Higher Education.

Training and Professional Development Updates

N-TUTORR has provided access to all staff to ‘DCM Learning’, a training platform providing access to online training courses, monthly webinars, wellbeing focused resources and an EDI course.  The access link for the ‘DkIT learning hub’ at DCM Learning was shared with all staff via e mail recently.  For a quick demonstration on using the DkIT Learning Hub, please watch this short video .  In addition, the N-TUTORR team are in the process of finalising access details for all staff and students to Linkedin Learning, which will offer over 16,000 online and flexible courses.  We are so excited to launch this across our campus in the near future.  Ciara O’Shea and Eugene Stewart have been working to finalise preparations for launch of the platform.

N-TUTORR Fellowship Project Flipbook Launched

Across the sector, 130 “Students as Partners in Innovation and Change” fellowship projects are ongoing, with 10 progressing well in DkIT.  To showcase these, a flipbook was created where you can view the projects arranged by theme, Institution, as well as learn the focus of each project.  The publication development team involved former DkIT graduate Olya Antropova (N-TUTORR Research Assistant, Stream 1), and the Student Empowerment Co-ordinator team (Angela Magennis in DkIT). You can view the flipbook here

N-TUTORR team news

Eugene Stewart has now joined the N-TUTORR team as the Senior Technical Officer.  Many congratulations to Eugene on his recent appointment.

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